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Our values

Our values are more than just words. They represent how we support the community and are the qualities you need as a member of the WA Police Force.

  • DUTY
  • CARE


Join a force of caring and compassionate people who will always have your back.

Career and Benefits

Joining the WA Police Force is more than just a job. It’s a career that opens up countless opportunities.

Get paid to train
Explore endless career paths
Experience regional WA
Training and development opportunities

Your questions answered

What are the mandatory requirements?

You need to be 17 years and 6 months of age, or older to apply. However must be 18 years old upon appointment (there’s no maximum age). You must have a manual or automatic driver’s licence and be an Australian permanent resident or citizen (or citizen of New Zealand).

Can I apply if I have a criminal record or traffic offences?

Yes. Everyone is encouraged to apply, although there are some types of convictions which may impact your application. Submit your application, be honest and disclose all relevant information. We will then review and consider each person’s circumstances individually.

Is there an age limit to becoming a police officer?

There is no age limit to apply for the WA Police Force. You must be 17 years and 6 months or older to apply for a Police Officer (Entry-level) and over 17 to apply for Cadet or Police Auxiliary Officer roles.

Are tattoos allowed?

Yes, you can apply if you have a tattoo. You will be required to send a photo and we will review your tattoos to ensure they comply with our policies.

Images depicting drugs, death or violence are likely to be considered unsuitable if visible when wearing a short sleeve shirt.

Face tattoos are currently not permitted and tattoos on the neck and hands will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All other tattoos will be assessed considering their location, size, and imagery.