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04. On the Job

Your WA Police Academy training is just the beginning. A whole world of opportunity awaits you as you start your career as a Police Officer.

You'll spend 18 months as a Probationary Constable after graduation, furthering your knowledge and experience with continued guidance from the Probationer & Cadet Development Unit. You'll get to put your training and learning into practice. During this time you can choose to work regionally.

Once you've successfully completed probation, you will be appointed to a Constable rank and continue working with the community. From there you can begin applying for specialist roles.

  • Graduate from the Police Academy
  • Become a probationary constable for 18 months
  • Climb the ranks
  • Experience endless opportunities
Where will I be placed?

Police Officers are usually posted to a metropolitan location however you need to be prepared to serve anywhere within Western Australia. Many Police Officers rate country service as a career highlight. It's also a fantastic opportunity to make a difference in regional communities and develop your skills and experience.