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Please ensure you satisfy the minimum requirements for employment as a Police Officer:

  • Australian or New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia.
  • 17 years and 6 months of age, or older.
  • Currently hold a valid manual 'C' or automatic 'C-A' class driver's licence or equivalent, with no more than 8 demerit points at the time of application (provisional licences are acceptable).
  • Please refer to Vision and First Aid requirements.
  • If you are currently bankrupt, you are not eligible to apply until you are discharged from bankruptcy.

Application Instructions

  • This application form must be completed by the person applying for employment.
  • You must make full disclosure of any legal proceedings instigated against you, regardless of the length of time since, or the outcome of the offence/incident. (The Spent Conviction Act does not apply to this application). Applicants are to declare all convictions.
  • All sections must be completed. If the item is "Not Applicable" - enter N/A.
  • Please note, our Recruiting team do not provide individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

Personal Details

Police Recruiting will send all correspondence to this email address.

Residential Address

Postal Address

Parent/Guardian Details (for applicants under 18 years old only)

applying for employment as an Entry Level Officer with the Western Australia Police Force.

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