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The Car Doesn't Lie

Sometimes, a car is the only witness to a crime, and you would be surprised at the stories it can tell.

Senior Constable Grant Hazell specialises in vehicle forensics, and he can get a lot of information about you from your car. He can extract information from cars to piece together how a crime was committed.

You’ll hear how a car provided vital clues that helped solve a murder.

The car never forgets and never lies…

The Lady in The Blue Dress

An unbelievable coincidence, a sliding doors moment and an incredible eye for detail propelled Detective Senior Constable Ross Tselepis to the centre of an international money laundering ring.

As this story unfolds you’ll hear exactly how the elaborate criminal web came unstuck. It’s the unfolding story of a bank, bags of cash, and the lady in the blue dress.

The Party is Definitely Over

When the Regional Operations Group is called out they don’t mess around. There are two kinds of people at jobs like these…those who move on, and those who stay. This episode is about those who stay.

Senior Constable Chelsea Sardinha will tell you what it’s like to be on the front line as angry crowds throw rocks and other projectiles and charge towards her yelling obscenities.

The Big Chase

When you hear the police helicopter flying above, they’re normally looking for something or someone.

Senior Constable John GOBBELS shares a story about a kid who didn’t want to get caught, the big chase from the air that spanned more than 100 kilometres, and how sometimes if you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself!

The Serious Offender

Detective Sergeant Cam Auckland deals with the worst of the worst in his job at the Serious Offender Management Squad.

You’ll hear how he had a hunch that something wasn’t quite right with an apologetic person who had made a serious mistake…was it just a lapse in judgement, or was it something more sinister?

Move on Mate

This episode comes with a big…fat…warning, and required a lot of editing to ensure it remained clean! Sergeant Brad Richards-Scully tells you what it’s like to be paid to ride a horse at work…it’s a job unlike any other.

But in this interview you’ll hear what happened the night Mounted Police came across a partygoer who just wouldn’t move on.

Murder in the Dark

Did you ever play Murder in the Dark as a child? Senior Constable Kelly Player says being a police diver is a lot like that.

Pitch black, using your body to search and never quite knowing whether something or someone is about to jump out at you. This episode is not for the faint hearted.

The Professional Hit

It was one of the most daring and dangerous heists in WA history – a staged car accident, the kidnapping of an 81-year-old-man, and the theft of more than 140 firearms.

Hear from lead investigator, Detective Sergeant Steve Keady, who was tasked with catching the two masked men responsible and getting the guns back.

Can Anybody Hear me?

Is there anybody there? Can anybody hear me?

Senior Constable Ian Bembridge heard these faint calls for help come across the radio as the sun was setting on a cold winter’s afternoon.

He and his partner embarked on a race against time to locate and rescue a father and his twin nine-year-old boys from their sinking vessel.

You’ll hear how a set of extraordinary coincidences helped police in their search and rescue efforts that day.

You Can't Outrun Ace

You're about to hear what happened the day police dog Ace and First Class Constable Jayden Elphick came face to face with a man on the run.

He was wanted for a heap of offences and he kept committing more crimes. He thought he could keep running.

Spoiler can't outrun Ace.