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04. On the Job

Perks include...

  • Competitive salary, overtime and shift allowances
  • 13 week's paid training
  • Six weeks paid annual leave and other leave options
  • Career progression and personal development opportunities
  • Opportunities for regional deployment and specialist roles
  • Subsidies for some regional locations
  • Recognition of prior service*.

* Service will be recognised up to a maximum of a fifth-year constable.

John MacDonald, Constable

Back in the UK, I worked alone almost all of the time and this was both lonely and sometimes dangerous on occasions. I was relieved to learn that the WA Police Force always pair officers together to maintain safety. The move here for my family and I has been a dream come true!

Additional Allowances

  • Meal allowances
  • Voluntary return to duty
  • Short-term regional placement
Where will I be placed?

Police Officers are posted to a metropolitan or regional location. You will need to be prepared to serve anywhere within Western Australia. Many Police Officers rate country service as a career highlight. It's also a fantastic opportunity to make a difference in regional communities and develop your skills.