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Our Values

Our values represent how we support the community and are the attributes needed as a member of the WA Police Force. They are qualities we hold ourselves and our teammates accountable for every day.

  • Duty
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Care
Who We Are

As a large and diverse organisation, the experience and backgrounds of our police force is as varied as the communities and people we support.

If you are passionate about making a difference and protecting the community, you’re one step closer to a truly rewarding career. We can offer you more variety and opportunities, working with a team who will always have your back.

Our Team

The WA Police Force is large and diverse, much like WA. We welcome all individuals, from different backgrounds, languages and cultures, to bring their lived experience to the job.

Led by our Commissioner Col Blanch, the WA Police Force is currently made up of more than 9,000 employees, with many levels of officers across a range of frontline, technical and auxiliary roles. Working as one team, we prevent crime, protect the community, and manage state emergencies.

Our Strategic Framework

Our vision is to be an exceptional Police Force for our community and our mission, to provide trusted and valued policing for Western Australia.

Timely Response

We respond to calls for help 24/7, where and when the community needs us the most.

High Visibility Policing

We spend as much time as possible in the community.

Respectful Engagement

We are professional and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Victim Safety

We provide victims with an assurance of immediate safety and support.

Timely and Quality Investigations

We combine proven investigation techniques with innovation to solve crime faster.

Accountable Prosecutions

We produce quality and thorough prosecution briefs to support the judicial process.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our workforce is as diverse as the community we serve. As an inclusive organisation, we welcome and encourage applicants from all walks of life.