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03. Training at the WA Police Academy

Successful applicants will complete eight weeks of training at the WA Police Academy followed by a further four weeks on the job training at the Perth Watch House.

Applicants will be required to meet the minimum physical standards which are:

  • Complete a modified version of the Illinois Agility Test (21 secs or less for males and 23.20 secs or less for females)
  • 1 sit-up
  • 5 push-ups on toes
  • 35kg bag lift and carry
  • Beep test (6.01 for males and 5.01 for females)

Course Structure

What you'll learn

The course is comprised of both theory and practice. The WA Police Academy has partnered with the North Metropolitan TAFE and Edith Cowan University (ECU) to develop academic courses that enhance the qualifications you will obtain through the program. This learning is put into practice through scenarios, simulations and tactics training.

When you begin, you'll be allocated to a squad. From here on in, you'll have plenty of mentors to guide you and peers to support you through your policing journey. Over eight weeks you'll learn a range of skills to become an operationally ready first responder with the WA Police Force.

Custody Support Officers play a vital role assisting police with the safe admission, custody and release of detainees at station-based lockups. This is a physical role in a unique environment where no two days are the same. They contribute to the safe, secure and efficient operation of police station lockups by undertaking a range of operational and administrative functions relating to the admission, custody and release of detainees. Custody Support Officers ensure compliance with custodial care and prisoner management lock-up processes.

Scenario Training
Detective Training
Driver Training
Police Studies
Operational, Safety & Tactics Training
Legal Studies

Training Hours

Training at the WA Police Academy is a full-time commitment. You need to be available for eight weeks, Monday to Friday, from 7.30am to 3.30pm approximately. Times may vary and you will you work rostered hours during placement.

Academy location

The WA Police Academy is located 30km from Perth in the northern suburb of Joondalup. Parking is limited.

It is a 15-minute walk or a short bus ride from the Joondalup Train Station.

Training at the WA Police Academy lasts 8 weeks.