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Police officer

(Gross salary per annum)

Academy Training (Police Officer - Entry-Level)$62,459
Probationary Constable (First 18 months)$80,414
3rd Year of Service$82,966
4th Year of Service$85,047
5th+ Year of Service$87,133

Climb the ranks

After your fifth year, as you start to climb the ranks and if you get promoted to senior positions, you will receive further salary increases in line with your responsibilities and experience.

(Gross salary per annum)

First-Class Constable (After 5 years)$92,176
Senior Constable (9 years+)$99,012
Senior Sergeant$121,835

There are other pathways and opportunities you can consider when starting your career with the WA Police Force. These include Police Auxiliary Officer roles, our Cadet program and our Aboriginal Cadet program. Take time to explore the many opportunities available to you.

Police Auxiliary Officer

(Gross salary per annum)

Training Salary$55,884
Full-time Salary Band 1$66,075 - $72,675
Full-time Salary Band 2$74,736 - $80,567

Cadet and Aboriginal Cadet program

(Gross salary per annum)

17 years old$33,211
18 years old$37,960
19 years old$42,713
20 years old$47,461
21+ years old$51,498
Beyond the base rate

Salaries increase yearly through negotiated pay rises. The above figures are base rates, excluding penalties and allowances. Shift penalties apply to weekends, afternoons, evening and night shifts.

Police Officers Enjoy extra benefits

  • Free or subsidised housing for some country locations
  • Free fitness facilities
  • Fully funded uniform
  • Support for families
Flexible Leave options
  • Six-weeks annual leave
  • Opportunities to purchase additional leave
  • 14 weeks of paid parental leave
  • Leave for training with defence forces
  • Long service leave after 10 years, and then every seven years of continuous service thereafter