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03. Training at the WA Police Academy

Our experienced academy trainers will be with you every step of the way, encouraging, supporting, and guiding you through your retraining.

Training modules will take place in lecture theatres, classrooms, inside the gym and outside locations. You will refresh your knowledge in policing policies and procedures, as well as your legal powers, responsibilities and expectations.

Training Required

If you've been away from the WA Police Force for less than two years, inclusive of passing probation and your application is successful then you may be placed directly in a policing position.

If you have been away from the WA Police Force for:

0-2 Years

You will be posted to a district and your previous rank will be recognised. Any required training will be completed on the job.

2-5 Years

You will complete a Transitional Officer 13-week training course at the WA Police Academy before being posted to a police district. Your previous rank will be recognised upon commencement of training.

5 Years+

You must complete the full 28-week training, paid at an entry-level officer salary with no recognition of prior service offered.

What you'll learn

Physical Training
Scenario Training
Driver Training
Detective Training
Police Studies
Operational, Safety & Tactics Training